With this project, and working through our commitment to solution-focused and trauma-informed approaches, the hope is to incorporate evidence-based, dyadic behavior intervention modalities specifically designed for children who struggle emotionally, socially, developmentally and behaviorally at home, at school, and in the community. Student’s behaviors, which are often related to a developmental, learning, or intellectual disability, can be challenging for families to understand and navigate at their child’s young age.

To that end, Gateway Longview’s Early Intervention Learning Site looks to introduce the complimentary approaches of Teacher-Child Interaction Therapy (TCIT) and Parent-Child Interaction Therapy (PCIT), both of which are evidence-based observation and live feedback techniques. Specifically, through the incorporation of TCIT and PCIT, we look to:
1) Increase parental, teacher, and student confidence, resulting in greater participation in life and learning opportunities, wellness skills, and overall independence,
2) Increase positive functioning of children in public settings, resulting in expanded student and family participation in social activities,
3) Increase knowledge and ability to utilize technology available, resulting in enhanced interventions and assessments that are specific to each child’s needs.

By consistently reinforcing positive behaviors at school, at home, and in the community, the project aims to equip both parents and educators with proven supports to ensure strong building blocks for successful integration for the children in their care into various aspects of the communities around them.

The Children's Guild Foundation of Buffalo has awarded a grant to Gateway-Longview for Interaction Therapy for Preschool Aged Children with Developmental & Intellectual Disabilities

Buffalo, NY – Gateway Longview is excited to announce two grants awarded to the Therapeutic
Preschool by The Peter & Elizabeth C. Tower Foundation ($41,932) and The Children’s Guild
Foundation ($20,010). This funding will allow for the implementation of two new curricula,
Teacher-Child Interaction Therapy - Universal (TCIT-U) and Parent-Child Interaction Therapy
(PCIT), the goals of which include increased emphasis on positive interactions between children
and their parents, teachers, and counselors. The curricula will improve student confidence,
expand family participation in public settings, and increase technological utilization, just to
name a few.

“Gateway Longview has been a grant partner of the Tower Foundation over the years. The
Foundation is pleased to support Gateway Longview to ensure children and families in their
care receive the latest treatment and therapies available”, said Tracy Sawicki, Executive Director of The Tower Foundation.

Press Release, March13, 2019:

Gateway Longview Therapeutic Preschool Awarded $61,942 For The Implementation of New Therapies. 

Both TCIT-U and PCIT protocols were specifically chosen because of their alignment with
Gateway Longview’s vision and mission. Based on a three year plan, staff, teachers and
counselors assigned to each family will work to enhance positive behaviors while decreasing
negative behaviors at school, home and the community. TCIT-U will focus largely on
communication techniques that promote a child’s emotional functioning, their ability to remain
on task, and reinforcement of positive relationships in the classroom. PCIT will concentrate on
increasing positive parental behaviors, improving communication and problem solving, while
decreasing negative child behaviors such as aggression and defiance.

“Our students will now be given some of the same technology opportunities as their same age
peers in a general education settings,” said Shannon Ochal, Director of the Therapeutic
Preschool. “I am excited to see these programs enhance our already great program.”

This curricula will be rolled out over the next three years, starting with the installation of new
technologies such as in-ear capabilities for coaching. Additionally, various training sessions for
staff will take place throughout year one and two. Year three of implementation will conclude
with these programs being fully integrated into six classrooms servicing 32-40 families annually
with an extended reach beyond the school walls.

For more information on Gateway Longview’s Therapeutic Pre-School, please call 716.783.3100
or visit gateway-longview.org/therapeuticpreschool.