Changing What Is To What Should Be


The programs, services and projects that The Children's Guild Foundation is seeking to fund should:

  • Have a significant and continuing impact. The Foundation is interested in strategies that effect change.
  • Intervene at the appropriate level. It seeks to address the causes of problems effecting children with special needs rather than to simply ameliorate their symptoms.
  • Offer opportunities for leverage. The Foundation looks to amplify its resources by forming partnerships with organizations, other funders, public funding sources and the private sector.
  • Are grounded in the Western New York community. An important aspect of the mission is to develop models with potential application elsewhere for these children and young adults while keeping the geographic focus of the grant awards within this region.
  • Are appropriate in relation to the work of other funders. The Foundation seeks to support work that complements rather than duplicates the efforts of other foundations.
  • Provide respite and enjoyment for both the child and family from the rigors of their everyday life.