Cause. Effect. Change.

The Children's Guild Foundation Goals

  • Strengthen a complex care developmental pediatric model inclusive of neonatal, early childhood intervention, respite, therapeutic and behavioral health services within the region by supporting a solid, consistent and collaborative healthcare pathway from birth to 25 years of age.
  • Pro-actively enhance options for self-sufficiency by helping to create access to meaningful services and opportunities that will support collaborative efforts in educational, vocational, employment and day-habilitation services for children & young adults with special needs.
  • Pro-actively expand the availability to transportation services for families through collaborative processes.
  • Support specific research projects focused on improving conditions and diseases effecting children with developmental and physical disabilities.
  • Enhance opportunities for and access to therapeutic recreational programs to improve the quality of life for children.
  • Lead and/or support advocacy efforts. The Foundation will become even more engaged in initiatives, collaborations and the elevation of public dialogue surrounding issues pertinent to its mission.
  • Mentor and help develop leadership and build organizational capacity within the nonprofit organizations it funds. The Foundation will continue its role in partnering with nonprofits and other organizations to strengthen operations, build capacity and enhance leadership abilities.
  • Serve as leader, convener and network/collaboration cultivator. The Foundation will continue to bring organizational leaders together as a neutral convener, network builder and collaboration supporter focused on building consensus for action around key issues facing those within the special needs community.