The Children's Guild Foundation along with The Peter & Elizabeth Tower Foundation have helped make the Rock Autism Multimedia Vocational Programs become a reality.

The Children's Guild Foundation of Buffalo has awarded a grant to Rock Autism Inc. for Rock Autism Multimedia Vocational Program

After 2 decades of watching his brother suffer, Max Muscato had enough with the fractured system that left his brother Sonny behind, struggling on the autism spectrum. Max was no longer going to let anyone else be the maestro of his brother’s future. He set out to meet the severe need of youth struggling with autism like his brother, those who have no career direction and no resources to elevate themselves in society.

Rock Autism developed programming that builds confidence while growing marketable skills within the autism community, nurturing a future in entrepreneurship like no other effort. Every session gives teens and young adults with autism access to industry-level technology and provide an inclusive, supportive learning environment. Our goal is for youth with autism to engage in creative collaboration and gain more independence through artistic expression. Rock Autism Multimedia Programs will create a community of employable young people, connecting them to hands-on apprenticeship opportunities in the music, film and the design industries.

Today, Rock Autism Multimedia Vocational programs provide employability skills in computer science and the creative arts, including music, film, and design. Youth on the spectrum will develop an apprentice level craft that will lead to a career in their given field of interest, keeping them on track for a productive, healthy life. Rock Autism creates a future where individuals living with autism have access to programs necessary to gain employment and integrate into society.

The mission of Rock Autism is to address the reality of living with autism and raise funds to develop, support and grow local music, film and arts programs serving autistic youth. We aim for youth on the spectrum to develop a craft that leads to a career in their given field of interest, keeping them free from committing crime, drug addiction and alcohol abuse.

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