SABAH provides adaptive physical education over the summer months to children challenged by disability and economic disadvantage.  The turf-based physical education program provides a curriculum for children challenged by disability in the region's schools.

The Children's Guild Foundation of Buffalo has awarded a grant to  SABAH, Inc. for The Children's Guild Foundation's Summer Athlete's Gold at Heart Program

From a press release from SABAH, February 26, 2019:

We are pleased to announce that a check of $50,000 has been awarded to SABAH, Inc. (Spirited Athletes Bold at Heart) to support the Children's Guild Foundation's Summer Athletes Bold at Heart program.  SABAH will use these funds to provide local school aged children challenged by disability with a curriculum-based educational program that integrates movement with New York State Common Core standards and life skill development.

SABAH's Excecutive Director Sheila O'Brien states, "The Children's Guild Foundation has been more than integral to this vital program for children with special needs.  Grant funding from their 100 years of Purpose and Passion grant initiated the program in 2011.  Since that time, the support of the Children's Guild Foundation has enabled SABAH to grow and develop the program into one that vastly improves outcomes for over 400 children in this region challenged by disability.  There is no way to adequately express our gratitude for a program which, according to ongoing research-based evaluations, so remarkably improves the lives of children in this community."

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